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Is development assistance helpful?

Very much! Nevertheless, it is necessary to implement culturally and economically sensible development assistance. Looking back, some development aid has ended up in the hands of corrupt rulers who for many years have been supported by the competing political systems of the East and the West. Today development assistance is based on existing structures of the civil society and helps to strengthen it. Sensible development assistance is help for self-help. Sensible development assistance strengthens the civilian population and is close to the grassroots. Money flow must be controlled. 

Does health education not foster the population explosion?

No, quite to the opposite. There are only two methods to fight the population explosion: education and development. The  strengthening of health infrastructures and especially education in the field of HIV and family planning are the most effective approaches to the problem of population explosion. Unfortunately, the money flow to Africa for family planning has been reduced, which could partly be traced back to the politics of the current Bush administration in the US. The contraceptives are very costly and  most people in Africa cannot afford them.

What happens with the money of the project?

The money is deposited in the account at the Volksbank in Groß-Gerau and no cent will be taken for administrative cost. Then the money will be transferred to the project implementation team headed by the trustworthy and experienced hospital administrator of the St. Anne’s hospital in Malawi- Emmanuel Pemba who has presented a detailed financial plan of the project. A strict financial control on how the money is spent will be carried out by our partner the non-profit organisation “Hilfe für Malawi Verein”. The money will mostly be used to equip the traditional midwives and to pay their trainers - the Malawian doctors and nurses. Additionally, means of transportation will be bought for the transport of sick and pregnant women from the villages to the hospital. The detailed financial plan can be sent to you if you for it.

Is support for this good for you?

The support for this project is done on a purely humanitarian basis. Some people will be frightened to find out that other people from central African regions are so hopeless that they decided to choose to go on a five-year-long journey to Europe. Are we not somehow responsible? Or is the closing up the border the only answer? This project supports the Malawian infrastructure, so that they can have a healthy and secure life in their home country.

Can I  contribute apart from donating? 

Yes. You are very welcome! We need your help! We need people with ideas and most of all people to put these ideas into practice. We need people from all different traits and professions. We are open to new co-operation or prepared to work together with companies to develop sponsoring plans. We need people who collect donations! We need people to distribute flyers and piggy banks. Spread the word! We need people to carry out presentations and/or provide forums for our presentations. One could also be part of our electronic news group to come up with new ideas, put these ideas into practice, discuss these ideas and engage himself/herself. Just write and e-mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

How can I donate?

If you have a German bank account, simply click on the donation button on the left side on our web page. It takes you less than 60 seconds to donate and you need no PIN nor a transaction code! One can also simply use the conventional way to donate via bank transfer. Therefore you would need to go to the donation page and use the stated account number. 

What about tax deductibility?

At the end of the year a donation receipt will automatically be sent to all those who donate more than 20 Euros. In Germany it is possible to reclaim tax.



"Lebenschancen Malawi" ("Chances to live Malawi") is an initiative of scholars of the Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation. The project is under the patronage of the former German President Walter Scheel."